PEDINI Kitchens

With a vast experience in delivering and installing multi-unit projects worldwide, Pedini is an indispensable multi unit project development partner. Not limited to its standard range of products for large projects, Pedini has the capability to tailor kitchen and bath details to perfectly fit your specific design concept, delivery timeframe, and budget.


Kitchen Appliance by world renowned company Simfr, famous Turkish brand know for its Eurpoean standard of qaulity.

Guardian Glass

American brand with its production based in UAE Guardian Glass is World's No. 1 brand .

DesiGN Centre

Design Center is one founder company for the conception of DIVINE GARDENS HOUSING SCHEME.


Brand name with distiction SMC stands tall as our main concern providing


With its high-quality laminate flooring, ranging from classics to innovative decors and textures, EGGER consistently creates the perfect finish.


Wood art beyound furniture is what LEGNO is all about.

Nippon paints

Turning a house into home is not possible without painting th ecolors of life in it.

RAK Ceramics

World renowned cermic manufacturers of and leaders in the market.


Well known brand for its relaibility and durability.

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